The Digital Insurance Company and home of sharing insurance and insurance for the gig and sharing economy.
Peer to Peer insurance that works for your platform.


The Micro Insurance Company underwrites insurance products aimed at the new sharing and gig economy and platform businesses.

The Micro Insurance Company develops insurance products for micro and small businesses covering events such a cybercrime, hurricane, cancellation, business interruption, performance.
The insurance company works with platform businesses to cover damage caused by their customers, third part workers, drivers and professionals

Insure Ride-Hailing & Driving

The original car sharing economy users were hitchhikers and car-pool and co-worker sharing. All non-tech solutions, based on community and saving money. With the rise of tech and smartphones this has now become serious and sophisticated. Through the Apps that we all know, Riders can now order a ride and Drivers can earn money by the ride and a whole new way of living and working has been born.

This is why The Micro Insurance Company was born - it is to respond to this new type of program and platform. We provide coverages for the sharing economy. We will work with the peer to peer companies developing a program that fits their requirements.

Host and Travel Insurance

The early pioneers and now booming parts of the ‘Share Economy’ are centred around renting out a couch, a room, an apartment or whole house. This is collaborative consumption. The sharing economy, or the peer economy, where owners rent out space that they are not using to earn an income. Becoming a host is a great way to earn from your biggest asset. This however causes an issue for most people’s home or house insurance - put simply by renting out the space the normal home insurance becomes invalid.

The Micro Insurance Company responds to this problem with a new type of program and platform aimed at the peer to peer companies. We have a program that covers for claims from $1 up - this means that even the smallest of items are covered and those annoying accidents that ruin a stay are covered. No covering them up. No unnecessary arguments. Protecting your 5star rating.

The Micro Insurance Company can also covers cancelations. Cancelations are a reality and often no fault of the host or guest. We cover the letting and only that - no added costly medical, baggage or other coverages - just the cancelation. Simple.

GiG Work Insurance

Gig economy is a fast growing part of the workforce that uses task-based employment. Rather than working under a single full or part-time contract of employment, workers receive one-off payments for the individual tasks, aka “gigs”, they do. The gig economy, according to Intuit, on-demand workers now account for 34% of the U.S. workforce - and that number is expected to grow to 43% by 2020.

The gig economy is on the rise because of the flexibility it has to offer. To make it work for the platforms, users and the worker, insurance needs to be equally flexible. The Micro Insurance Company is that flexible company and we are developing policies and processes with technology that makes it easier to connect people to insurance that works.

Examples of Gig economy jobs:

  • Caregiver - taking care of elderly, babysitting, and even pet sitting and walking
  • Delivery - All it takes is a smartphone and an eager, flexible workforce and customers can have anything they want delivered - this is new way to eat in or have everything delivered when you want - it needs the cycle delivery person or the scooter rider to enable this.
  • Freelancing - Freelancing jobs, do have a skill set? Whether it be writing, photography, IT, PR, Media or something else. Now its possible to have a whole department working for you only when you need them.
  • Hospitality - The hospitality industry, when it comes to staffing for high and low seasons, is turning to the gig worker, hiring on-demand workers to fill jobs, as needed.
  • Labor services - What needs to be done in your home or office? A new toilet installed? Snow cleared? A thorough cleaning? A room painted? Ikea furniture too much effort? With labor service apps you can book a trusted and rated professional to provide whatever labor services you need.
Insurance products  -
parametric, IoT, tech platform, AI

Past success doesn’t guarantee ongoing success. This is becoming very true in the insurance sector. Today’s evolving tech and work lanscape is now affecting the insurance industry, this fast change world has made new product development vital to insurers’ financial strength and business growth. At this time of changing customer demand, regulatory standards, and market pressures, The Micro Insurance Company is ready to work with partners from commerce and insurance to develop and bring successful new products to market.

We are developing products that make use of data, tech, IoT and new updated policies. Integrating data, process and insurance is the key to developing new successful insurance products that are relevant to todays business user.

Micro and small businesses make up a huge % of employment and business and this is set to grow as the gig and sharing economy takes hold. New insurance products based on risks for micro and small businesses reflecting how they work and what they need is here. The Micro Insurance Company is ready to work with you. Ready to share its skills and capital.


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